Magdalena Jonczak: from Deloitte to Synerise

Magdalena Jonczak: from Deloitte to Synerise


Magdalena Jonczak has taken the position of Executive Vice President & Chief Value Officer with the technological company Synerise, providing business solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. Her extensive experience in the field of strategic consulting and building solutions supporting profitable business development will be used to implement the company's long-term growth strategy and positioning on the international arena.

At Synerise, Magdalena Jonczak will be responsible not only for outlining key directions regarding the company's development in global terms, but also for overseeing the process of their implementation. She will also evaluate the value of solutions built on the Synerise platform and create their market models and introduce innovations in the product offer.
With this addition to the executive team, Synerise will benefit from over 20 years of experience in business consulting for global leaders in several industries with many successes in the development and implementation of market and commercial strategies, company value management, optimization of product and price offer and digital transformation. Magdalena Jonczak has also been responsible for introducing Business Intelligence, CRM and revenue & pricing management tools to companies, which further strengthens her skills in the context of the development of the Synerise platform.
Before joining Synerise, among other positions, Magdalena Jonczak was Partner and Member of the Board in Deloitte, where she was the head of the strategic consulting department for clients from the consumer and industrial goods industry. She was recognized by Deloitte with awards for "Passion for Risk & Quality Management" and "Excellence in Innovations". She also gained experience at PWC, T-Systems and Unilever.
She graduated in strategic management at the University of Economics in Wroclaw, psychology with a specialization in the psychology of consumer behavior at SWPS, and post-graduate studies in Corporate Restructuring at Harvard Business School. She also holds a number of prestigious certificates, including the CPP (Certified Pricing Professional).

For several years, I have had the opportunity to observe and support the development of Synerise. During this time there have been many ideas and visions for the development of the platform, which now function at the heart of the solutions offered by Synerise or will soon be implemented. Synerise is already unrivaled in the field of comprehensive AI-based business solutions. It is an honor to be able to join the Synerise team and have a direct impact on further unique innovations, which in my opinion will soon revolutionize the global market.

Magdalena Jonczak, Executive Vice President & Chief Value Officer at Synerise.

We are strengthening Synerise's business competencies in every area and at every level, employing leaders and enthusiasts in their fields. Magda is a world-class strategist and thanks to her broad view and knowledge we will be able to position our solutions more consciously and in accordance with the best standards, which will benefit both the company and our clients. I am very happy to welcome another high-level manager to the Synerise team. We are being joined by talent from companies like Microsoft, Deloitte, Orange, Samsung, Oracle and others, which is the result of our aiming very high in our goals.

Jaroslaw Krolewski, CEO, Synerise.

Synerise is a platform for using data and Artificial Intelligence to help brands better respond to the needs of their customers. These tools include automation and personalization of communication as well as price management in real time and at scale. Synerise continues to invest in intellectual property, data storage capacity and AI team expansion. Synerise was recently chosen by EY to take part in the Accelerating Entrepreneurs 2018 program for the top 30 global technology firms with greatest potential for growth and won Microsoft 2018 Country Partner of the Year Award.

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