Senior Digital Transformation Executive Joins Synerise

Senior Digital Transformation Executive Joins Synerise

Arkadiusz Seredyn, formerly Executive of Digital at Orange, has joined Synerise, a technology company providing Next Generation Growth Cloud based on an Artificial Intelligence. As the Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Seredyn will be responsible for commercial strategy and developing paths to drive business growth and  market share.

Arkadiusz Seredyn's responsibilities at Synerise will include ownership of the customer interface and aligning strategic commercial objectives. Mr. Seredyn will make cross-functional decisions that will drive the organization towards its long-term objectives.
Mr. Seredyn has held various senior positions at SAS and Orange. For the last three years he was Executive Director of Digital and Omnichannel Transformation in Orange with commercial responsibility for e-commerce, campaign management, digital development and innovation.
He was previously an SAS Executive Member, where he was responsible for strategic global projects & partnership, innovations and alliance management. Mr. Seredyn has also successfully managed sales and consulting for enterprises in the communications, media and energy industries, implementing multiple Customer Intelligence and dedicated vertical and analytics solutions for many of the world's leading brands.

We are very excited about the arrival of Arkadiusz Seredyn and the experience he will bring to Synerise. His knowledge of the digital landscape will help to propel us to the next stage of our international expansion and further accelerate our growth. Arkadiusz is a welcome addition to our executive team and we look forward to working with him in our mission of becoming one of the biggest brands in the AI and Martech markets.

Jaroslaw Krolewski, CEO Synerise

Synerise is in an excellent position right now and the growth they have achieved so far isn't surprising given the outstanding quality of the product. This is an excellent time to join and apply my experience in the digital transformation, sales and consulting and open up an entirely new level of potential.

Arkadiusz Seredyn, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Synerise

Synerise is a platform for using data and Artificial Intelligence to help brands better respond to the needs of their customers. These tools include automation and personalization of communication as well as price management in real time and at scale. Synerise continues to invest in intellectual property, data storage capacity and AI team expansion. Synerise was recently chosen by EY to take part in the Accelerating Entrepreneurs 2018 program for the top 30 global technology firms with greatest potential for growth.

More about Synerise

Synerise AI Growth Cloud is comprised of a number of modular components, each delivering unique capabilities and benefits for every business. Using data points gathered from multiple sources, Synerise creates updated customer segmentation in real time. This enables businesses to instantly craft customized marketing messages for new and returning customers.

Our proprietary machine-learning algorithms make it possible to deliver dynamic content that is tailored to individuals based on their interactions in a number of touch points. Even the smallest bits of data help to form a more complete picture of customer needs and allow for more precise targeting.

Data collected by Synerise is quickly processed to give you the opportunity to react with a number of highly effective ways to reach customers and drive conversions:

- product recommendations based on demonstrated preferences
- executive Business Intelligence systems that inform new product strategies
- personalized push notifications, emails and text messages
- prediction algorithms that help you to plan general promotions and target specific customers based on their purchase histories
- segmentation that is instantly updated with current data taken from online and offline customer behavior


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