Synerise among the 30 fastest-growing companies, according to EY

Synerise among the 30 fastest-growing companies, according to EY


EY has chosen Synerise to take part in the Accelerating Entrepreneurs 2018 program for technology firms with great potential for growth. Thirty companies from around the world will participate in the program, with the final taking place in Amsterdam on April 21-24.

The EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs 2018 program is a great opportunity to expand contact networks and share knowledge with business leaders from around the world. Another meeting will also take place during the finals in Amsterdam—Innovation Realized 2018, a forum for opinion leaders, corporate officers and others active in business who drive breakthrough innovations. Those selected for participation in the program will have the chance to exchange experiences and insights regarding how to best grow a business and compete in the international marketplace, which is more integrated than ever before.
We are proud to be on the list

We are proud to be on the list

EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs selects stand-out start-ups on the basis of their business models and breakthrough technologies that show huge potential for scaling up to global success. This year’s participants are already experienced in dealing with business challenges that involve clients around the world.

We want to prepare these innovators for even more effective expansion that will bring success in the global market.

Bartosz Niedźwiedzki, Chief Innovation Officer at EY

At Synerise, we progress according to a plan. Working every day on artificial intelligence algorithms means we have to plan our every step. We've applied the same way of thinking to our growth strategy and we're implementing that too. Among other things, the plan includes working with the best possible partners and that's why we're excited about taking part in the Accelerating Entrepreneurs program. We're grateful for the opportunity and very much looking forward to it.

Krzysztof Blusz, Global Expansion Director at Synerise

The program will be an opportunity for participants to meet and speak with the experts at EY, global entrepreneurs and leaders from a number of fields. In addition to this, there will also be meetings with coaches, access to EY business networks and a session with the EY Growth Navigator, which evaluates potential for growth.
Thank you EY!

Thank you EY!

You can learn more about the EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs 2018 program and see the full list of participants here.

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Wiceprezes Oracle dołącza do Synerise

Janusz Naklicki, dotychczas Vice President Technology Sales w Oracle, dołączył do Synerise, technologicznej spółki tworzącej innowacyjne rozwiązania oparte o sztuczną inteligencję. Jako Chief Strategy Officer będzie odpowiedzialny za przyspieszenie globalnej ekspansji Synerise.