#1 Marketing Cloud at Data Centre World

#1 Marketing Cloud at Data Centre World

With nearly 20,000 senior decision makers attending last year, London’s Data Centre World conference is one of the biggest events for anyone interested in cutting-edge technologies and the power of data – the oil of the 21st century. The Synerise team will be waiting at booth number D680 to talk about how Artificial Intelligence can harness metadata to make marketing campaigns better targeted and more effective.

Synerise will present its marketing cloud solution on March 21-22 in London during Data Centre World, the largest, best-attended and most influential gathering of IT, data center facility and IT operations management professionals from across the globe. This year DCW will be attended by around 500 leading brands and an impressive number of world-class speakers.

We very much look forward to demonstrating the cutting-edge features of the Synerise cloud and its business benefits at Data Centre World. Our proprietary, state-of-the-art AI engine that powers the platform is a real game changer in the way marketing insights are generated, understandings are shifted, and sales are achieved. It is a ‘must-have’ for any marketer or business looking to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Krzysztof Blusz, Global Expansion Director at Synerise.

The Synerise business development team is heading to London to meet decision makers from companies interested in managing customer relationships at scale and in real-time in order to increase the performance of their marketing campaigns and boost revenue.

Synerise's platform is ideal for industries like e-commerce, retail, telecoms, financial services, insurance and all other businesses seeking to take advantage of customer and non-personal data. Our technology caters to the needs of all types of organizations, from multinational enterprises to medium-sized companies and small e-commerce firms.

Krzysztof Blusz, Global Expansion Director at Synerise.

Visit our team at DCW 2018 and discover what Synerise AI Marketing Cloud can do for your business.
Synerise team at DCW

Synerise team at DCW

More about Synerise:
Synerise AI Marketing Cloud is comprised of a number of modular components, each delivering unique capabilities and benefits for your business. Using data points gathered from multiple sources, Synerise creates updated customer segments in real time. This enables businesses to instantly craft customized marketing messages for new and returning customers.Our proprietary machine-learning algorithms make it possible to deliver dynamic content that is tailored to individuals based on their interactions in a number of touch points. Even the smallest bits of data help to form a more complete picture of customer needs and allow for more precise targeting.Data collected by Synerise is quickly processed to give you the opportunity to react with a number of highly effective ways to reach customers and drive conversions:
  • product recommendations based on demonstrated preferences
  • analytics that inform new marketing strategies
  • personalized push notifications, emails and text messages
  • prediction algorithms that help you to plan general promotions and target specific customers based on their purchase histories
  • segments that are instantly updated with current data taken from online and offline customer behavior
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